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Future of 9-1-1: How Organizations Can Prepare for Emergencies & Compliance

The landscape of “9-1-1” is rapidly changing due to technology that helps organizations decentralize operations. With the rise in long-term remote work plans and UC platforms, where employees experience emergencies and how they call for help is now vastly different. These changes must be accounted..

Keeping Communications Compliant: Hardphones vs. Softphones

Businesses are changing the way in which they communicate, especially in the wake of so many moving to a remote or hybrid work model. Highly mobile and dispersed workforces need different tools to communicate, and businesses are adopting UC platforms at increasing rates. It's time for your..

Duty of Care...Why Does It Matter?

Duty of Care Has Become a Social Obligation The past year has inundated enterprises of all kinds with concerns about health and safety, and while companies have always had to consider their duty of care to employees it has become an increasingly public matter. Large corporations, namely Google and..

New Year, New E911 Deadlines: Plan for Remote Workers & Ray Baum’s Act

Planning for Safe and Efficient Long-Term Remote Work As we enter this new year having learned how adaptable our companies can be, many organizations are beginning to incorporate long-term remote work plans. With a rise in permanent remote work strategies, organizations need to assess their..

Top 3 Questions Companies Should Be Asking about E911 Compliance

As the year is coming to a close, it is important that businesses assess their current emergency preparedness practices. For so many, where we began this year looks vastly different than where we are ending. As companies are relying more than ever on remote workers, it is vital that enterprise..

E911 Made Easy

What is E911, and Why Does it Matter for my Organization?

What is Dispatchable Location? RAY BAUM Act Deadline: January 6, 2021

Federal Regulations Affect ALL Businesses Nationwide: Must Comply with Kari’s Law and the RAY BAUM Act

Kari's Law Made Easy

While 2020 was already on track to be the year of mobility, no one anticipated just how accurate this would become. Everyone is suddenly remote with no “return date” at the end of the tunnel. Companies have begun to switch mindsets. Temporary collaborative solutions are now being revisited as..

How Does RAY BAUM's Act Affect Your Enterprise?

If you are not already aware, federal E911 legislation has been enacted that affects all businesses nationwide. The FCC, or the Federal Communications Commission, adopted a Report and Order on August 1, 2019 that created E911 regulations for all businesses. With one deadline already past and others..

How to Keep Colleges and Universities Safe with E911

Oftentimes, university and college campuses are more dispersed and complex than those of elementary or high schools, even crossing state lines. This requires a more dynamic solution in order to provide full coverage for students, teachers, faculty, and staff or visitors.

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