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Are My 911 Calls Being Routed Correctly?

Soon, every enterprise is going to be required to comply with newly adopted legislation including Kari's Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM's Act.  These will require enterprises to implement an E911 solution that allows communication systems to directly dial 9-1-1, provide a notification of the 911 call to appropriate security personnel, and automatically send the “dispatchable location” of the caller to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  

It can be easy to overlook some necessary components of these mandates, especially those surrounding the “dispatchable location” requirement.  

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Many are focusing on the fact that enterprises must now FIND a caller, and provide a detailed enough description of their location in order to be found without impediment. What many are not focusing on is the “automatic delivery” component, or the way in which your enterprise's “dispatchable locations” will actually be delivered to the PSAP.  Simply finding the exact location of the person who dialed 9-1-1 is not enough. The automatic delivery of a “dispatchable location” to the PSAP requires a dynamic routing solution. Your company can implement a sophisticated software that tracks device location throughout the enterprise, however it is rendered useless without a way for that information to be used to route a 911 call to the correct dispatcher. 

Our E911 Anywhere®️ solution provides your enterprise with a cloud-based network service that can route all your company's 911 calls from any call server or PBX.  Our technology validates the “dispatchable location” of the call, uses that information to send the call to the nearest PSAP, then automatically presents the caller's location directly to the emergency dispatcher.  E911 Anywhere®️ ensures your 911 calls are always properly routed, and keeps your company compliant with current and any future E911 legislation to come.

Additionally, E911 Anywhere®️ goes beyond its routing capabilities, providing on-site personnel with immediate notification of any 911 call in progress.  Security teams can receive notifications by email, SMS, and a loud alarm with ‘screen pop' as soon as any phone on the enterprise network dials 911. The notification provides detailed location information of the caller in order to keep on-site personnel alerted to all emergency situations.  

We integrate with E911 Manager®️, our own solution which automatically finds the location of any device on your enterprise, and also with Cisco Emergency Responder, and Microsoft Skype for Business.  Integrations with Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams that can keep up with your mobile environment are coming soon.   

Do you have more questions about routing solutions for your company? Contact us here, and we can walk through how RedSky can work for your unique enterprise. 

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