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Are Your Remote Workers Protected?

More and more businesses are migrating to a cloud-based communications system, enabling their workforce to connect from anywhere.  Decentralizing operations has the benefit of reducing cost in office space, allowing employees more flexibility, and allowing anytime/anywhere company-wide collaboration.  However, when we disperse our operations, we must choose technology that keeps up with the increased mobility of our workers. We cannot rely on solutions that worked for our old office spaces, including the traditional ways of reaching 9-1-1 in an emergency. 

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Our current climate is quickly outgrowing the way in which 9-1-1 has operated for years.  No longer is a phone tied to a specific address. Employees are given phones, laptops, and tablets that can operate off the enterprise network from anywhere.  If an employee dials 9-1-1 from one of these devices, they need to be discoverable - regardless of where they may be. With more people mobilizing than ever, businesses need to ensure their remote workers will receive the help they need no matter where they are working. 

At RedSky, we are leaders in developing E911 solutions for your untethered enterprise.  We enable your company to mobilize with our E911 Anywhere®️ and MyE911®️ solutions. Together, these find the exact location of any employee that has used an enterprise device to dial 9-1-1, and route that call to the nearest dispatcher. 

Furthermore, we can offer your company enhanced notifications with our Emergency On-Site Notification (EON) feature, which alerts any personnel of your choosing to a 911 call in real-time. We notify you via desktop screen-pops, text messages, or emails allowing your company to remain informed and aware at all times. 

The FCC has recently adopted rules and regulations around E911 for enterprise spaces, which pertains to all businesses nationwide.  Soon, E911 will no longer be an option. Stay proactive about the protection for your remote workers, and reach out to us to see how RedSky's E911 solutions can enhance the emergency response plan for your unique enterprise.   

If you're curious about where to begin, fill out our QuickStart to E911 Guide to learn how our technology can integrate with your current deployments.

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