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Citizen's Call to Action for Reliable E911 Solutions

Imagine calling 9-1-1. You are immediately overcome with a sense of panic. Time slows down, and you begin to worry when the help you called for will arrive. 

Now, imagine if help never comes. This was the case for one Twitter user, who has now made it a mission to spread awareness about some major shortcomings in our country's emergency preparedness. The user's feed implores followers to take their safety seriously and learn about potential points of exposure when calling 9-1-1. A citizen, not a company, taking up the mantle in this arena piqued my interest.

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The resounding theme of the user's account was the frightening reality that addresses linked to VoIP phones are often miles, sometimes even states away, from the address of the physical phone, and yet the user was still paying an E911 tax on the phone bill. The user was, rightfully, upset to learn contributing toward the tax did not directly correlate to increased safety. In fact, it was not going toward protecting citizens at all.

Dispatchable Location accuracy in a 9-1-1 call

When the user dialed 9-1-1, dispatchers sent responders to an incorrect location. This error unnecessarily elongated the time the user had to wait for help. The user's account sends the message that it is wrong for a person in need of help to be left vulnerable, especially since there are solutions that address these exact kinds of mistakes. 

The account functioned as a strong call to action for local governments to remedy this situation by instituting more intensive E911 regulations, as well as utilizing the E911 tax for E911. Too often, the user points out, these taxes are diverted to non-9-1-1 purposes.

Last year, fee diversion was found to be an issue in the following states: Montana, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, regardless of whether you live or work in these states, it is recommended you inquire about whether your communication systems include an E911 solution.

This user's mission seemed a lofty one to me. While many of us on Twitter are simply absorbing news items, this user is shedding light on a problem that silently affects many people. It demonstrates there is genuine concern on the end of the citizens for their government to successfully implement E911 legislation, and for companies to implement E911 solutions for their communication systems.

A person's access to 9-1-1 should never be compromised.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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