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Compliance and Emergency Notification for your Enterprise

The FCC has recently adopted Kari's Law, requiring enterprise communication systems to be able to directly dial 9-1-1 as well as provide notification of any emergency call.  

Although we are awaiting its official publication in the Federal Register, the rapidly approaching compliance date will remain fixed. By February 16, 2020, any “new” system must comply with this legislation.  “New” systems have been defined to include any existing systems that have received a system upgrade or smaller software update.

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All enterprise spaces will be affected by this legislation, however, compliance doesn't need to be a chore.  At RedSky, we have been leaders in creating E911 solutions that meet the requirements for Kari's Law, and ensure your company will be compliant with any future E911 legislation to come.  

Our Emergency On-Site Notification (EON) solution will notify any specified personnel the instant a 911 call is placed from your enterprise's network, whether on or off premise.  These notifications come in the form of an email, SMS, or a screen-pop desktop alert. Notifications can include the exact location information of the caller, time, date, phone number, etc.  Your enterprise can then customize each notification to include the most relevant information for your environment. 

In addition to compliance, EON's technology gives your company the benefit of awareness.  Your security teams will be alerted in real-time. This allows them to provide help sooner than the dispatched emergency responders, as well as guide responders to the caller more efficiently. 

RedSky's notification system is easily implemented and managed through our online portal, so your organization's administrators can view and make changes from anywhere.  Additionally, we can integrate with your company's existing deployment, which allows you to comply with Kari's Law without having to upgrade to an entirely new system.

If you have questions about implementing enhanced Emergency On-site Notification for your enterprise, contact us here. We can also answer any further questions you may have about compliance with the recent legislation adopted by the FCC.

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