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How to Keep Colleges and Universities Safe with E911

Oftentimes, university and college campuses are more dispersed and complex than those of elementary or high schools, even crossing state lines. This requires a more dynamic solution in order to provide full coverage for students, teachers, faculty, and staff or visitors.  

E911 for Higher Education 

Places of higher education can cater to a much larger population of individuals.  This requires a solution that accommodates the area and density of these environments.  Here at RedSky, we've worked with multiple institutions of higher education, one being a college in Wisconsin that has multiple campuses.  We spoke to the school's telecom administrator, who expressed similar sentiments to those of Helen Hironimus from the Palm Beach County School District, about how necessary E911 is for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at colleges and universities. 

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Severed Service Exposes Gap in Emergency Preparedness

When a college in Wisconsin found themselves without E911, they knew they needed to find another solution. This gap in coverage came after their previous service was dropped, and the provider became unresponsive. The college was frustrated, and the lack of a reliable E911 solution made the staff exceedingly nervous.

The college needed total coverage for all three of their campuses, which would include over 1,300 endpoints.  Additionally, they needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their Cisco Call Manager environment, as well as route any 9-1-1 call made from any three campuses.  The college believes in the importance of E911, and they wanted a solution they could rely on. 

E911 Anywhere® Provides Campus-Wide Reliable Routing 

The college worked with a solution provider to find E911 that could serve all three campuses without  the risk of gaps in coverage. The college's telecom administrator, imparted the importance of E911 for the campus.  “We are adamant that security comes first.

If you're going to have a product like E911, you need to know that it has accurate information, so that's why we went with RedSky.” After the full installation of RedSky's E911 Anywhere®, all 9-1-1 calls that originate from any three campuses are properly routed with accurate location information to the nearest PSAP.  “[The process] went smoother than I've ever experienced with anything. So far, RedSky has exceeded what I expected.”  

Trustworthy Service and a Fully Secured School

With Redsky, this college has a reliable emergency preparedness plan in place across all its campuses. “RedSky was willing to work with us. Everybody who was part of the process was very easy to work with and answered all questions, which I appreciated.

I think feeling secure, knowing we have a product that is going to do what we need it to do, is really important. And with security, I speak for them, but I think that it makes their life a little easier knowing that there's a product out there that's working.” Now, RedSky provides this college with a trustworthy service that protects their students, faculty, staff, and visitors across all campuses every minute of every day. 

If you are a college or university and need an E911 solution, please contact us with any questions you may have.  Or, if you need more information on legislation and compliance, read more here. 

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