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E911 Provides Mobility and Protection for this Large Medical Center

This healthcare organization is one of the world's largest and most respected medical centers devoted exclusively to cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. 

Problem: Overwhelming Lack of Precise Location Data

With over 19,000 employees, faculty, and volunteers, the organization services millions of patients each year with inpatient and outpatient care. In addition to the main campus of over 50 buildings, there are four regional campuses and two research facilities connected to the voice system. The organization wanted E911 for a long time. However, the project seemed daunting. Accurate phone location data was a challenge and although 9-1-1 calls went to security, emergency response teams would have to call back to the call originator to determine the precise location. 

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Solution: Complete E911 Solution for Complex Enterprise 

When the healthcare organization underwent new management, they determined E911 was a priority. The timing was right too, as the organization was also transitioning to a Cisco Unified Communications platform. They began seeking a solution via a Cisco reseller in order to provide prompt and accurate emergency response to employees, visitors and patients.

The healthcare organization and reseller chose RedSky because they could deploy a complete end-to-end E911 solution that could cover the entirety of their campus. This included E911 Manager®, E911 Anywhere®, MyE911®, and Emergency On-Site Notification. This complete solution works across the healthcare's entire enterprise to find, route, and notify in the event of an emergency. Now, the organization is fully prepared to handle both emergency situations, as well as any future legislation requiring E911.  

Outcome: Safety and Mobility Across Entire Organization

This healthcare organization can now safely move across their entire enterprise, even remotely, without the worry of being correctly located in an emergency. With RedSky's technology, any person that dials 9-1-1 within the enterprise will be found, regardless of whether a phone has changed location.

The call placed to 9-1-1 will also be properly routed to the correct PSAP, so responders arrive at the correct building within their widespread enterprise. Also, routing with RedSky saves the organization from costly local 9-1-1 call trunking, and eliminates the need for response teams to call back to verify a precise location.

The time this saves in emergencies is invaluable, and compounded with RedSky's Emergency On-Site Notification system the organization can now get help to where it needs to go almost instantaneously. By implementing RedSky's complete E911 solution, this healthcare organization can give their undivided attention to curing their patients.

If you're curious about how RedSky can work for your enterprise, fill out our Quick Start to E911 Guide. 

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