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E911 Solution for Major Mortgage Lending Corporation

Problem: Acquisitions Require E911 Solution for Highly Mobile Employees  

A mortgage lending corporation, based in Dallas, recently underwent a major acquisition and is now expanding to have multiple locations across the entire United States. After going through this transition, they have an increased workforce of over 10,000, and more remote workers than ever.

The company needed to keep track of their highly mobile employees' emergency location data in real time. Additionally, they needed a way to properly route their 9-1-1 calls to ensure responders' arrival at the correct location. This mortgage company needed an E911 solution to cover their quickly expanding and remote workforce.  


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Solution: End-to-End Coverage that Future-Proofs for an Untethered Workforce 

Prior to the acquisition, this company chose not to go with RedSky. Instead, they chose a cheaper solution that covered their existing Avaya server, however did not future-proof their company. In the wake of the merger, the company adopted Microsoft Skype for Business and Genesys communication systems leaving many employees vulnerable to inaccurate or absent emergency location data.

The company needed an advanced E911 solution that worked with all their servers, and actively future-proofed their company.  Working with a security provider, they tried to find a custom tailored solution that would cover these many requirements. That is when Genesys recommended RedSky's technology, which could seamlessly integrate across all their servers.

RedSky successfully implemented an end-to-end solution with installation of E911 Manager®, E911 Anywhere®, EON and MyE911®, which provided total coverage for the company's newly acquired mobile workforce. 

Outcome: A Successfully Expanding and Protected Enterprise

E911 Manager®, E911 Anywhere®, EON and MyE911® provides the company with the security that all 9-1-1 calls will be found and properly routed to the correct PSAP, no matter where the employee is calling from. 

Additionally, all emergency location data will be automatically tracked and updated within RedSky's database, freeing up countless hours of administrative labor. With RedSky's complete E911 solution, this enterprise is also completely compliant with new FCC E911 legislation.  RedSky keeps this company protected, mobile, and compliant - that's E911 Made Easy.  

If you are curious about how RedSky can provide your organization with a complete end-to-end solution, fill out our Quick Start to E911 Guide to receive immediate information about your unique enterprise.  

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