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How Can I Prepare My Business for Remote Work?

Current global trends indicate an increasing number of employees are foregoing the traditional office experience.  The percentage of both telecommuters and fully remote workers is on the rise.  

One Forbes article mentions that, “Remote work is no longer a privilege.  It's become the standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population”.  In the wake of this shift, how can your company best prepare for the benefits and risks of mobilization? 

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There are countless advantages to be reaped by adopting a remote workforce.  Increasing the amount of remote workers generally proves to be more cost-effective for businesses, favorable among employees, and leads to higher retention rates.  Also, Gen Z will occupy 36% of the global workforce by 2020, and are overwhelmingly seeking jobs that allow for flexibility in schedule and workspace.

With remote work becoming the rule and not the exception, businesses are going to need to restructure around the inevitable reality of mass movement, especially when it comes to emergency preparedness.

No matter where you're headquartered, come September, federal legislation is going to be enacted requiring more stringent E911 regulations.  This means that if an employee dials 9-1-1, regardless of where they may be, their exact location needs to be provided to the dispatcher at the nearest PSAP.  However, providing exact location data becomes an issue when employees are constantly in flux.  Businesses need to implement a solution that allows for mobility, while keeping their employees safe and accounted for in case of an emergency.    

It may seem daunting to keep a highly mobile workforce protected.  But, at RedSky, we have developed the technology to increase your workforce's mobility, while remaining completely covered and compliant with all current, and future, E911 legislation.  We make E911 easy with our ability to integrate with both on-premise and cloud-based communication systems, which accommodates your entire enterprise, not simply the stationary points.  

Staying relevant is what keeps businesses vital, and the latest trends tell us that increasing mobility achieves this goal.  Don't allow your company to suffer the repercussions of growing and mobilizing without thought.  Let us at RedSky keep your employees protected, your business compliant, and your enterprise expanding. 

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