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New Year, New 911 Regulations

New year. New budget. New communication system? If you are planning any changes to your communications system this upcoming year, chances are the vast majority of your migration will occur after Feb 16, 2020.  

February 16, 2020 is the trigger date for compliance with Kari's Law.  We've been discussing these regulatory changes for the past few months.  However, in case you are unaware, Kari's Law will require your communication system to be able to both directly dial 9-1-1 sans any prefixes as well as provide notifications of any emergency call. 

Download: Fast Track to E911 Compliance Handbook

Furthermore, the notification must be sent to appropriate security or administrative personnel and include the fact that an emergency call has been placed, the phone number which dialed 9-1-1, and the location of the caller. 

Providing location alongside the notification simply anticipates the more stringent “dispatchable location” requirements of RAY BAUM's Act.  While RAY BAUM's Act will go into effect later than Kari's Law, it is important to note that Kari's Law DOES necessitate location determination as well.  

The February 16, 2020 date is coming up quickly, however the process of becoming compliant does not need to be stressful or difficult.  RedSky is here to help your company stay compliant with these new federal legislations. Whether you are in the midst of a migration, or considering a change for the new decade, we can work with where you are to implement an E911 solution that fits in your unique environment.   

If you're curious about how E911 can work for you, take out QuickStart to E911 Guide, or contact us here. 

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