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Post-Cisco Live Thoughts: Reliable Routing Solutions for Cloud-Based Environments

We are decompressing after the past week at Cisco Live, and reflecting on all the incredible sessions we were both a part of, and had the opportunity to see. 

One such session was a presentation by Dan Keller, Engineer of Technical Marketing at Cisco, on Advanced Emergency Call Routing Solutions in Cisco's Unified Communications Manager.

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We believe this session highlighted the importance of call routing reliability for the future of communication environments, not solely on-premise infrastructures.  With more and more companies relying on cloud-based communication systems, 9-1-1 providers must respond in turn with solutions that meet the needs of these highly mobile workforces.  

Cisco's Webex is one of the ways in which businesses are untethering themselves from the traditional means of communication.  This year at Cisco Live, Cisco awarded thirteen businesses with the Webex Customer Award.  These businesses are setting an example of success when it comes to utilizing cloud-based communications.  These businesses take advantage of the reach that Webex allows their employees to attain.  However, with the expansion and increased mobility of a business comes difficulties in emergency preparedness.

If a remote worker, or a non-headquartered office branch dials 9-1-1, solutions must be in place to properly route that call to the nearest PSAP.  RedSky has worked with businesses in alignment with the Webex Customer Award winners to seamlessly implement our company's cloud-based solutions with Webex based environments, as well as other cloud-based enterprises.

RedSky believes that businesses shouldn't have to choose between mobility and protection.  No matter where your company may expand, RedSky makes sure your 9-1-1 calls will be routed correctly.

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