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RedSky Provides Complete E911 Solution for World's Largest Airline

Problem: Out of Compliance and Out of Date Communication

The world's largest airline, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, needed an increasingly dynamic E911 solution that could serve 50,000 endpoints across the 37 states out of which they operate.  Because the airline's network spans across the entire nation, they needed a cohesive solution that would properly route all 9-1-1 calls regardless of location, as well as keep the company in compliance with each state's E911 legislation.  

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Additionally, the airline was in need of a sophisticated notification system that could alert corporate security of all 9-1-1 calls placed out of their headquarters, or any airport hub.  The airline was going through a major migration from Nortel, including multiple call servers, to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager.  

This migration proved to be the perfect time to address their lacking E911 coverage, and seek an updated and cloud-based solution.

Cloud-Based Tracking, Geo-Dynamic Routing Services, and Emergency On-Site Notifications

The airline worked with Verizon to find a solution that met all requirements for their complex enterprise.  After careful consideration, we at RedSky were selected because of our ability to provide seamless protection throughout the course of the airline's migration, establish a cloud-based future-proof solution, and bring the company into compliance throughout the nation.  

We implemented E911 Manager®, E911 Anywhere®, and RedSky Horizon® Prime which all work together to successfully Find, Route, and Notify in the event of any 9-1-1 call from anywhere in the airline's network.

Compliant, Agile, and Aware

With our solutions, the airline is now completely compliant with all state, and soon to be federal, legislation.  The combination of our implemented technologies automatically tracks the airline's phone movement via the cloud, and updates the PS-ALI with the correct emergency location data freeing up countless time and labor spent doing manual updates.  

Additionally, RedSky Horizon® Prime's geo-dynamic routing allows the airline to draw smart boundaries around each airport in which they're located, so any 9-1-1 call made from within that designated area is routed directly to the on-site PSAP.  Dynamic routing drastically decreases the wait time for first responder's arrival, when time is often vitally important.  

Also, the airline's corporate security is immediately notified upon any 9-1-1 call from within the enterprise keeping them updated and informed in real time.  This allows the airline to direct additional help to the caller, should they be in a closer position to do so. 

By implementing our technology, the airline has become compliant, agile, and aware.  They are now prepared to grow into the next generation of business communications.

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