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Secure E911 for Your Enterprise

How important is cybersecurity to your enterprise?  Security has become a major point of consideration when businesses choose to implement any new software into their systems.  Without the proper measures, you might risk leaving your enterprise vulnerable to breaches in cybersecurity. The good news is that with a little research it is easy to tell whether a software is resistant to these types of attacks.

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In the wake of recent FCC legislation, many businesses are going to be charged with implementing new software that provides an E911 solution for their communication systems.  This requires sensitive location and identification information that is often stored in the cloud.  

We understand that many businesses have never had to think about E911 before, and taking on this sort of implementation can be overwhelming - especially when thinking about keeping this data secure and your systems running smoothly.  

We are here to make your path to secure E911 compliance easy.  We believe finding a solution that keeps both your network and workforce secure is paramount, and we have worked to make our technology the most secure and easily integrated product on the market. 

RedSky's technology is JITC certified, which means our products have been tested by the Department of Defense and cleared to be placed on the Approved Products List off of which Federal spaces purchase.  This is one of the highest cybersecurity and interoperability certifications in the nation, and we have been the only E911 company to achieve a place on this list.  

Jerry Eisner, RedSky's VP of Public Safety, responded to the certification, stating, “Working with the Department of Defense has been one of the most rewarding challenges of my time here at RedSky.  Knowing that we have some part in ensuring the safety of our soldiers and their families by providing the only approved 9-1-1 management system makes what we do worth doing.

“We have met and surpassed the Department of Defense's toughest requirements for both cybersecurity and interoperability.  No one else in the 9-1-1 industry can make that claim for 9-1-1 Management Systems. 

“This puts us head and shoulders above our competitors in the Federal space and with every enterprise that places a high value in keeping both employees and systems secure.”

If your enterprise prioritizes security, RedSky is the E911 solution for your systems.  We are here to help you implement the most secure and compatible solution for your enterprise.  If you have questions about the recent FCC legislation that will require your enterprise to implement an E911 solution, please contact us here. 

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