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So You Want to Collaborate?

Sounds Easy. You pick up your phone or send an email. Well, it's not so simple anymore.

Unified and collaborative communications mean multiple methods of communications, using collaborative platforms like Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams. Many organizations are transitioning to one of these platforms, but may have multiple platforms in place.

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However, recently the FCC signed a Report and Order mandating Enhanced 911 (E911) for all devices in all types of enterprises. The FCC requires every organization to provide a “dispatchable location” for every device, fixed or mobile. AND, Kari's Law requires you to provision your pbx/call server to be able to direct dial 9-1-1 from any device and to provide notification of that 9-1-1 call to security or enterprise personnel.

RedSky is focused solely on solving the problems faced by organizations seeking E911 compliance. We have solutions that FIND the 911 call, ROUTE the 911 call to the appropriate dispatch center (Public Safety Answering Point PSAP), and NOTIFY security and administrative personnel of the 911 call and detailed location information of that call.
RedSky is ahead of the game when it comes to collaboration. Not only can we provide a solution for any type of pbx/call server, we have announced Horizon Mobility®. Our latest solution provides E911 for enterprises that are making the move toward mobility. We can accommodate Cisco's Webex Calling, Microsoft Teams and others. So if you are deploying Cisco Jabber/Webex Calling for work-at-home, we have you covered.

For us, it's not about staying on trend, it's about knowing what is down the road. We make sure to future-proof your E911 compliance and make it easy, so you can spend your time on the core missions of your organization.

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