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Success with Cisco

RedSky doesn't use a cookie cutter approach when implementing an E911 solution for your company.  We approach each of our valued customers by identifying their unique points of exposure, and offer the best solution for them.  We aim to be partners in delivering comprehensive E911 protection, which is why we are excited about our collaboration with Cisco.

Success with Cisco

RedSky is currently listed on Cisco's GPL.  What does this mean?  Our E911 solutions are Cisco approved.  Not only do we integrate seamlessly with Cisco call servers, we enhance Cisco environments by allowing for a secure and mobile workforce.

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Read how this financial institution successfully secured all their locations, gained compliance with state legislation, and can now expand without worry all while staying well within budget.  RedSky makes E911 easy, and being listed on Cisco's GPL makes it even easier. 

Problem: 9-1-1 Calls Routed to Wrong Location

One of the oldest and largest locally managed bank and trust companies in the US is a growing institution with upwards of 60 locations that span across multiple states.  When one of their branches called 911, responders arrived at the headquarters rather than the branch with the emergency.

 All businesses with a centralized PBX face this problem – and it's something that is easy to miss.  No one thinks this seemingly benign system can cause unforeseen impediments when getting help in an emergency.  It is a terrifying proposition to be asked to wait when an emergency situation demands immediacy.

The company needed to secure this point of exposure in a way that would comply with legislation from all the states out of which they operate, as well as function within their budget.

Solution: E911 Anywhere® Cloud Based Routing for their Budget

RedSky worked with the company and their security provider to build a completely custom solution for their unique enterprise.  It took a few times of going back to the drawing board to fit exactly what the company needed within their proposed budget.

But RedSky saw the solution through, and was able to implement E911 Anywhere® across all of their locations. This not only enabled their enterprise to be compliant with state legislation, but also empowered every employee with up to date location information for their enterprise devices with E911 Anywhere®. RedSky worked with the company to create the solution they needed at a price that was comfortable for them.

Outcome: Reliable and Automatic 9-1-1 Routing

RedSky's E911 Anywhere® now provides the financial service with the relief that no matter where a 9-1-1 call is placed within their enterprise, the call will be routed to the appropriate PSAP, and responders will be able to find the exact location of the emergency. RedSky's technology allows their business to continue growing while ensuring the continued safety of their workforce.

Banks are among the most vulnerable targets for emergency situations, however this company doesn't need to worry about their safety. They are free to focus on managing their own operation, and do so without the worry of a hefty price tag.

RedSky went above and beyond to meet their customer's needs so that this financial service organization is not exposed to gaps in their emergency preparedness. They are securing their workforce on their terms, within their budget. That is “E911 Made Easy.”

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