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Updated and Newly Compatible E911 for the Enterprise

Updated and Newly Compatible E911 for the Enterprise

Last week, we released our newest feature release of E911 Anywhere® and E911 Manager®.   This 6.11 release provides support for two new Call Servers, adds additional privacy controls around sharing MyE911 BSSID locations, and addresses a variety of defects reported by our customers.

We've improved functionality of these solutions in order to better integrate with your existing communication server, and to better protect your workforce whether inside the enterprise, or at a remote location. 

Mike Koepke, Director of Application Development, responded, “The evolution of our E911 solutions has always been about integrating with our strategic partners to provide solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to manage.  This feature release is part of our overall mission to future-proof our customers and to make E911 easy.”

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New Features in E911 Manager® 6.11.0

BSSID User Location Sharing for MyE911

Customers now have the option to allow BSSID User Sharing, or more plainly, an employee's personalized location set for an otherwise unspecified BSSID.  When no corporate location exists, customers can now allow for sharing of these employee-designated BSSID locations between users.  This update not only allows for further granularity in terms of emergency location data, but streamlines the entire process of employee location determination. 


New Features in E911 Anywhere® 6.11.0

New Call Server Integrations

E911 Anywhere®now supports the Genesys PureConnect Call Server, as well as the IPC Unigy Turret Phones. With this additional support RedSky can now receive a 9-1-1 call, containing network location information of the phone making the call, and use this information to route the caller to the correct PSAP.

RedSky SIP Real-Time Network Discovery Support

E911 Anywhere® now provides support for any SIP-based PBX or cloud provider that provides network discovery information in the SIP message using the RedSky header tags, during a 9-1-1 call. We, then, take care of routing that 9-1-1 call to the appropriate PSAP by determining the location associated with the network discovery information gained from the SIP message.


BSSID User Sharing for MyE911

Refer to the E911 Manager® section above.  

If you're an existing customer, you should reference the Customer Forum for further details on changes in this release.

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