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What Happens to 911 When You Can't Speak?

Last week in Chicago, a man who was experiencing a stroke was left to endure unnecessary delays in receiving help due to a lack of automatic location information.  

The man was on a business trip, and staying in a hotel room when he began experiencing symptoms. He dialed 9-1-1 right away, yet because he could not immediately provide his exact location, dispatchers were unable to send emergency response.  Finally, after critical minutes, the man was able to look up his own location via his smartphone, then call 9-1-1 back and provide them with an exact address. 


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In moments of emergency, time is critical and should not be spent in attempts to discover one's exact location.  Luckily, this man was able to maintain consciousness and convey his location to a dispatcher. However, what happens when a person cannot speak, either physically or because the situation requires the caller to remain silent?  

So much of our current 9-1-1 system depends on the caller's ability to articulate their exact location.  Relying on the person who dials 9-1-1 to provide their own location information becomes problematic not only in the above examples, but also when the caller is simply unaware of their address. 

This can affect many remote workers. How many times have you worked in a space other than your office or your home? Or met a client for lunch? In an emergency, could you provide the exact address of these various places you choose to visit?  

This information should be automatically provided to the dispatcher, then used in order to send help in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Callers should not have to worry about whether or not emergency response can find them - that is why RedSky was developed.  

We provide enterprises with E911 solutions that automatically find a caller's exact location.  That location data is then utilized to dynamically route their 911 call to the nearest point of safety, ensuring help arrives as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, our solutions offer enhanced notification services allowing your company to select specific on-site personnel to be informed of any 911 call placed within the network in real-time.  We integrate with your mobile workers' devices, so they are covered wherever they may travel.  

To identify where to begin with E911 for your organization, fill out our Quick Start to E911 Guide, here.


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