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Where Are My Campus 911 Calls Going?

A recent article in Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine began with, “In an age where school shootings are becoming commonplace.”  Combine school shootings with injuries, illness, fights, drugs and alcohol and more, it's not surprising that today's on campus security manages a wide array of incidents to which they need to respond immediately.

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Many colleges, universities and large campus-like organizations utilize both an on-site police department and municipal PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Point) to deliver emergency response.  For instance, 911 calls from an enterprise call server can be routed to the municipal PSAP, but are then transferred back to the campus police department. In this case, how does the campus police department know the location of the 911 caller?  Alternately, some campus police departments take the 911 call directly, then send the call to the County/Municipal PSAP. In both of these scenarios, routing and notification are paramount to delivering quick emergency response.

Additionally, new FCC requirements, such as Kari's Law, require enterprise communication systems to provide notifications of all 911 calls.  

RedSky Horizon®️ Prime has been developed specifically for campus entities that have first responders within their physical boundaries who are the primary responders for on-campus emergencies.  With Horizon Prime, the organization can draw a geographic boundary (GIS map or other) around its campus. The organization call server sends all 911 calls to the RedSky Horizon®️ cloud. If the call is from within the boundary, the call is directed to on-site police.  If the call is outside the boundary, the call is forwarded to the E911 Anywhere®️ service that routes the call to the corresponding Municipal PSAP nearest to the emergency response location of the caller.

Additionally, E911 Anywhere®️ offers robust notifications, so security and administrative personnel are notified of any emergency in progress, and provided with detailed location information of the caller.  These notifications will keep your enterprise compliant with Kari's Law.

RedSky's solutions enable 911 call location accuracy, proper routing, and immediate notifications to ensure the fastest emergency response.  If your organization is curious about how RedSky's E911 solutions can work for you, contact us here.

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